Bar Essentials for Your Home Bar

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Hi there! I’m going to show you the essentials you need to have an awesome home bar!

And the best part? They can all be delivered to your door! It’s shopping simplified.


So, maybe you already have an at-home bar and you just need to update it, or maybe you’re creating your home bar now. Either way, I will show you all of the bar essentials you need to make your home bar amazing!

Shopping Simplified

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To Create an Amazing Home Bar

Let’s get started!

This Mixology Bartender Kit has many of the basics you need for your home bar. It’s top quality and I love mine! The muddler is a MUST for refreshing Mojitos.

I always use a separate (smaller) cutting board for my home bar. This Svenee Mini Cutting Board is a perfect fit for cutting fruit for drinks and garnishes. It’s also BPA-free and Dishwasher-safe!

Craft Ice

Craft Ice is very popular right now, o no home bar would be complete without the Ticent Ice Cube Trays. They’re great for cocktails like an Old Fashioned or your favorite whiskey or bourbon.

If you enjoy whiskey and bourbon (like me), you will love these Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses. I swear they make your drink taste better. 😊

Margaritas or Daiquiris, anyone? The Three-Tier Bar Glass Rimmer makes it easy to put those finishing touches on your drink.

These are my favorite Shot Glasses because they have a nice heavy base.

If you’re a wine lover, you have to try And you get to become one of their “angels” – you must read their story. And you can enjoy reds, whites, champagne, and prosecco at home. These wines are exquisite. And they’re delivered right to your door! Save $100 on 12 world-class wines- just $6.67 per bottle! Must be 21 or older. These are the Stemless Glasses I enjoy my in. To enjoy your wine, I recommend Oster 4-in-1 Wine Savoring Experience.

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Champagne or Prosecco? I LOVE my set of hand-made stemless (yes, I really like stemless) Champagne Flutes! They’re double-walled to keep the champagne nice and cold. They’re even dishwasher-safe.

Now, you will need somewhere to put your bar essentials. This Wine bar cart is beautiful and practical. Get ready for happy hour!

My sister loves her Schmecke 24 bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator to keep wine at the perfect temperature.



Each of these items has amazing reviews, as you can see on Amazon. These are the essentials that you need for your home bar. They also make great gifts. Cheers!

Please comment below and let me know what your favorite cocktail is. Talk to you soon.


When you want to add something special to your cocktail, try the delicious Monin Hibiscus syrup along with the Wild Hibiscus Flowers in syrup (pictured above).

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