If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what teenage boys need most from their mom, right?

Hi. I’m Lory. I’m the proud mom of two boys. My oldest son just turned 13! I can’t believe how fast time passes. I remember when I first held him in my arms (after 27 hours of induced labor that resulted in a c-section!).

My husband and I have always strived to maintain a family routine that suits our family. We have bedtimes that help ensure that we all get enough rest. We have limited screen time (this is totally possible!), and we all get out of the house for some exercise each day (for a swim or a walk).

So, what do teenage boys need most from their mom?  First, they need structure. Although your son may be hoping for a little more freedom, he still needs boundries, and structure. Consider moving his bedtime, but not removing it completely. He’s growing and he still needs sleep.

He also needs some responsibility. Have him help with chores and things around the house (if he is not already). Teach him to cook! He can help prepare meals. This can be fun and easy with these must-have kitchen gadgets.

Dinner as a family. This one is HUGE! Every evening (unless our schedule won’t allow it) we have dinner together as a family. We discuss our day and world events.

Tell him you love him. He still needs to hear this! Be sure to listen and try to be available when he wants to talk.

I hope this helps you with your teenage son. Keep him close. He is growing up, but he still needs to know he can count on you!

Thank you.

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